The Family Surnames

Massengill (30+ spellings) Sharp, Puckett, Collins, Barns, Brooks, Bush, Harrison and others.

This Massengill Family is located in Claiborne County Tennessee and other counties in Tennessee. Also located in Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.


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6th Annual
Genealogy Jamboree
Pioneer Day

Historic Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

June 9-11, 2016
FREE to the public
Pioneer Day Saturday 11th
Family history and heritage.
Not a local event, more of a national one.

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John Robert and Nancy Massengill

Scholarship Fund

At every Massengill Reunion we have a White Elephant sale. All the money goes to the scholarship fund. If you are not attending the reunion and/or would like to donate money to the fund. Please write a check payable to “John Robert and Nancy Massengill Scholarship Fund” and send it to Suzi Pursifull 102 Laurelwood Ave. Middlesboro, KY. 40965.

To receive money from the Scholarship Fund the recipient must attend the reunion and to start their first year of Collage. Also the recipient must be from the Massengill family lines.

If you are interested in receiving the John Robert and Nancy Massengill Scholarship Fund please email us at

The dollar amount of the John Robert and Nancy Massengill Scholarship will be determined by, the number of recipients and the amount of funds in the John Robert and Nancy Massengill Scholarship Fund account.

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Massengill Spellings

Massengille, Massengile, Massengill, Massengil, Masingale, Masingalle, Masingall, Masingal, Masingille, Masingile, Masingil, Masengale, Masengalle, Masengall, Masengal, Masengille, Masengile, Masengil, Masengill, Morsingill, Massengal, Massengall,  Massengalle, Massengale, Massingil, Massingill, Massingile, Massingille, Massingal, Massingalle, Massingale, Massongill, Massongile, Massongille, Masongill, Masongale, Masongalle and Masongll

Let us know if there is other spelling.


John Robert and Nancy Jane Massengill